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If you’ve been arrested or are being investigated for a crime in Utah, the consequences of a conviction can be devastating and long-lasting. At the Law Office of Brent J. Huff in Salt Lake City, I will begin preparing your defense immediately and examine every detail of your case in order to aggressively challenge the prosecution. When you work with me, you will get the legal defense you need and deserve from an attorney who doesn’t back down from even the toughest of cases.

Aggressive legal advocate focuses on achieving results

For clients in the Salt Lake City area, I deliver effective legal support that produces results in these areas:

  • Criminal defense : My firm delivers aggressive criminal defense to clients who have been charged with a variety of offenses, including sex crimes, domestic violence crimes, white collar crimes and traffic violations. I also represent minors in juvenile law cases, focusing on reaching an outcome that doesn’t negatively impact their future.
  • Drug crimes : Drug possession, distribution and manufacturing are all serious charges and, if convicted, you could face steep fines and imprisonment. I will investigate your drug crimes charges, using every defense at my disposal in order to get your charges reduced or dropped. In cases where a conviction is unavoidable, I fiercely advocate for rehabilitation in lieu of incarceration.
  • DUI : If you have been charged with a DUI, I will examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine if improper police procedures were used and push for a lesser charge or even an acquittal.
  • Expungements : Depending on the nature of your crime, you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged. I can help you with this process in order to help you pursue a future free from the stigma of a past conviction.

When you’re facing criminal charges, you have the right to a competent attorney who will staunchly defend your rights.

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At the Law Office of Brent J. Huff in Salt Lake City, I am determined to defend you against all kinds of criminal charges. To find out how I can help, call 801.641.9620 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation.

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