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DUI/DWI charges

Defense Attorney for DUI/DWI 

Being convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences, including loss of your license, higher insurance premiums, heavy fines and jail time. If you were stopped and charged with a DUI/DWI in the Salt Lake City area or anywhere in Utah, the Law Office of Brent J. Huff can provide the diligent defense you deserve. I understand that good people can make mistakes and that breathalyzers can give false readings. I have the knowledge and tenacity to challenge the evidence against you and pursue the best possible outcome.

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Areas of DUI/DWI Defense

A law enforcement officer’s quest for an arrest or a prosecutor’s desire for a conviction should never take priority over your right to fair treatment. At the Law Office of Brent J. Huff, I may be able to have charges thrown out by demonstrating that an equipment or procedural error resulted in an unfair charge. I will examine whether or not law enforcement followed proper protocol in regard to:

  • The stop — Police must be able to demonstrate that they pulled you over based on “reasonable suspicion” that you were acting in violation of the law.
  • The sobriety test — There are specific rules that police must follow when administering field sobriety tests, including when measuring blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels.
  • The equipment — Breathalyzer machines have provided inaccurate results in the past, and their reliability can be questioned.
  • The arrest — For an arrest to be valid, an officer must inform you of your Miranda rights.
  • The evidence — Blood samples and other types of evidence must be stored in certain conditions in order to maintain their integrity.

By challenging these procedures, I will strive to get you the respect you deserve and the results you desire.

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Legal Counsel for DUI/DWI Charges

If you are ever pulled over by the police on suspicion of drunk driving, there are several ways you can help yourself:

  • Don’t be intimidated — If you are nervous, police officers may think that you are hiding something or are intoxicated. Remain calm and be polite.
  • Don’t allow a search without a warrant — Any evidence police find in your car can be used to support a DUI conviction.
  • Get a blood test after release — It’s a good idea to measure your BAC with a blood test after arrest. At trial, your attorney may use that evidence to raise possible defenses.

If you are arrested and charged with impaired driving, contact a DUI/DWI attorney immediately. The Law Office of Brent J. Huff can start working on your defense as soon as you call me for help.

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